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EMPLOYMENT WITH LSI begins with the LSI ACADEMY. The program is designed for those looking for the experience and skill development they need to build a career in the financial services industry at LSI. Throughout the intensive best-in-class training program, candidates work individually and collectively with industry experts committed to fostering candidate success.


Our ACADEMY is aimed at those who may, or may not have experience in the industry.  Applications to the ACADEMY are accepted on a rolling basis, with classes starting monthly.

About We created the program we wish we could have attended. We are always looking for passionate, positive people who believe in themselves and are willing to work hard to build a career for themselves. LSI is an employee owned company, where the success of the individual leads to opportunities and success for everyone.

Get Paid to Learn Investing in your education is the best investment you can make. LSI is looking for candidates whom believe in themselves and wish to improve their earning potential. There is no tuition for attending the ACADEMY. In fact, students become LSI employees on their first day at the ACADEMY and are paid a competitive hourly wage while attending the ACADEMY. All students whom graduate from the ACADEMY are offered a dynamic role, with career opportunities, at LSI.

Experience Get the real-world experience you need to build your career with LSI. Learn from subject experts and work with real accounts.

“There is no better program, to help you prepare for a career in the financial services industry.” 

Matthew - Regional Vice President

Career opportunities

Our ACADEMY enables you to build a career with LSI.


How to Apply for the ACADEMY  There is no official application deadline. Applications to the ACADEMY are accepted on a rolling basis. Applicants may submit an application through the AVAILABLE POSITIONS button or by emailing their resume to






Training & Professional Development

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Time Off

Employee Rewards Program

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Who is eligible to apply? Our ACADEMY in the financial services industry sets the standard. The program is tailored to applicants who are passionate about investing in themselves, to build their career. Previous financial services experience is not necessary to apply. Among the elements we evaluate are passion, positive attitude, hard working and motivation for joining the ACADEMY.


Do I need to have a college degree? No, we conduct several interviews during the admission process, which could lead to an invitation for our on-campus tour. We also ask applicants to take a few skill tests to determine their probability for success in our program.


I don’t have financial services experience; is this for me? Most of our ACADEMY graduates did not have previous financial services experience. Recent classes have included those whom were previously employed in retail, quick and fast service restaurants, call centers, as well as credit unions and community banks. All of them share these common traits – a desire to increase their income, build a career and a willingness to help people.


Is it just for those who have previous job experience? Most of our students do not have previous financial services experience and some never previously had a paying job. We believe passion, a positive attitude and the willingness to work hard, is far more important than previous job experience.


Can you tell me more about the curriculum? The LSI ACADEMY is an approximately 6 week course. Our innovative program is tailored to those who want to improve their skills and build a career in the financial services industry. We combine a traditional class environment with hands-on training. Our students spend several hours in mentoring, learning the unique demands of working in the financial services industry. In the course of the program, students will learn from experts in fields like customer service, debt management and loans, who breathe life into the curriculum with relevant real-world examples.


Will I receive Benefits? Yes, all employees working 20 hours or more will be eligible for benefits, including health insurance, paid time off, and access to our employee rewards program.


What shifts are available for LSI employees? Our offices are open 99.5% of the year.  So, we have round the clock full and part-time shift opportunities, as well as work-from-home.


What is an LSI career? Our ACADEMY graduates have a variety of career paths they can take.  Our top performers are eligible for continued training classes, which enable them to add additional skills, or advance into a management role. 

What skills will I learn during my career at LSI? Our employees learn a wide variety of skills, from helping people with questions about their account, to assessing a person’s credit for a personal loan, to assisting with real estate mortgage transactions. Through our LSI Leadership Development program, employees are also taught management skills which include interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, goal setting and team building.




For more details on our financial service ACADEMY,

please contact our Admissions Team at


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